About Our Team

Christian Barrett

Owner & Managing Director, Christian Barrett is fully vested in to his business making sure that the core philosophy of “Creating Innovative Solutions that Excite” carry on throughout the day to day operations. Christian’s hobbies include anything having to do with computers, competitive shooting, scuba diving, fishing, and taking care of his three babies (pet dogs), Holly, Kit and Max.

Angie Warga

Administrative Assistant, Angie Warga ensures all office, clerical, administrative and inventory control tasks are facilitated in an efficient and time sensitive manner. Communication between our technical support staff, management, and the executive team plays a key role in assisting all of our customers, something that Angie does well. When it comes to martial arts, Angie is a master martial arts teacher with over over 20 years of experience under her belt. You can view her webpage New Life Martial Arts by clicking here.

Jennifer Barrett

Director of Operations, Jennifer Barrett takes charge of the administration portion of the business with a personal charm towards all the customers. Jennifer loves getting to know each and every customer addressing each one of them by name. Remembering the customers name makes them feel warm and welcomed. Jennifer’s hobbies include landscaping, taking care of her dogs, cooking, and decorating.

Michael Wallace

Customer Service Technician, and Mentor, Michael is very detailed oriented focusing on perfecting his work whether it be working on a computer, phone, tablet, or a customer. Michael during his off time enjoys broadcasting online reviews of video games through websites like Youtube.

Lee Long

Lee Long

Administrative Assistant, Lee Long provides support to the senior management staff on all day to day operations. Lee is also responsible for printing off signage and in store promotional material. Any items needing to go on consignment in the store and online with other websites like Craigslist.com or eBay.com Lee knows how to get it done. When Lee is not working she enjoys a good book to read on just about anything.

Timely Support

We live in a digital age now where we depend on our digital devices. This is why we make it a top priority to have a diagnosis and inspection performed within four hours of dropping off your equipment in our store.

Innovative Ideas

Here at Bit Tek Solutions we are constantly looking for new ideas of how we can benefit our customer. Training and researching product trends allows us to stay constantly in the know that way we never miss a beat.

Advanced Technology

Staying current with the latest trends and technology is vital towards the success of any business. The last thing you want is to be wasting some of your valuable time on slow outdated equipment.

Clear Communication

Having a clear way to communicate with your team can define the success or failure of your business. Creating a simple yet sound solution in your communication structure is a key element towards success.

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