Web Design in Daytona Beach

Why should I have a website?

We are glad you asked. Creating a website for your company can be one of the most important business decisions you will ever make. Your website will be the building blocks that lead to the success of your company. With it you have a tool that can bring in clients around the clock, while you are sleeping, during holidays, on your off days, basically your website has no boundaries. Your website can be used as a tool to collect valuable customer data and then send it to you immediately for review. From here you decide if you want to reach out to this customer, have them reach out to you, supply them with an instant quote, the possibilities are endless.

How do I start?

Getting started is the fun part. This is where you sit down in our office to discuss face to face your vision, passion, and your love with your web designer. After all, this is your baby right? We feel the exact same way about our business. We find the right connection of good old fashion human interaction is critical towards the success of your website, and your business. From here, be prepared to spend an hour with us as while we get to know more about your work and where you want to take your business. We will also be asking specific questions like who your target customers are, the general location or locations, and anything else that would be pertinent towards customer acquisition.

What’s next?

After learning more about you and your business we research what we have learned to find the greatest resources, and benefits that will provide your company with the full value it needs. This research on average can take approximately 1-2 weeks as we prepare a rough estimate with a timeline so you know what to expect.

Web Design Prices

After our research is complete we formulate a calculated quote that considers all things possible when constructing your website. There are many different variables that can affect what goes in to the cost of a website. Some of those variables can depend on the type of website you want. A one page website consisting of some pictures and text would be quite different when compared to a multipage website that contains several items up for sale, also known as an eCommerce website. All of our website design work starts for as little as $500 and we only require 50% payment down up front, and the remaining portion once the work comes to a close.

Your Approval

After we get the green light from you, we start working immediately. Once we do start it is very important that you keep your attention focused on your lines of communication. Email if our preferred method of communication since we will most likely be sending files to and from each other. Along the process of building your website we will send you status updates with how things are coming along.

Final Work

Once we complete our work, we make a final meeting to go over any last minute changes or any other minute details of our work. Upon your approval, we provide you with all the necessary tools to access key areas of your website and we can also provide any education, and support necessary that might be needed in the short term or long term. One of the things we always recommend to stay relevant and maximize your earning potential would be being found in the search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Setting aside around $50-$100 a month to go towards search engine optimization, also known as SEO is very critical but this can be one of the most rewarding and pivotal moments in your career.