Open Positions

Customer Service Technician (CST)

Job Type: Part Time

Job Summary:

Responsible for providing support for the entire store working in sales, customer service, consignment, technical support, and various office tasks.

Key Qualifications:

  • The ability to drive positive customer experiences that build loyalty to the business and deliver measurable results.
  • Able to provide quick and accurate troubleshooting results with assertiveness towards upselling a product and or service to benefit the client.
  • Follow through with processes and procedures to accurately finish projects on time or ahead of schedule.
  • Strong communication and note taking skills.
  • Comfortable with a constantly evolving environment that requires a lot of patience and the ability to multitask.


As a Customer Service Technician you will be the backbone of the store providing support as needed for all departments. You will be a key player in handling customers that come in to the store, over the phone, online, or on site. Patience and time management skills will be very necessary. Repairing electronics like tablets, smart phones, computers, printers, and more will be required. You will be working with machines that use extreme heat like soldering irons, hot air machines, and various other electronic repair equipment. Use problem solving techniques by process of elimination in dealing with electronics will be vital. Having a good work ethic by confidently offering the right solution for the customer so they know your decision will be the right one for both now and down the road. Most work will be done here at our store but there may be times you will be asked to drive on site to the customer’s location. Learning how to prioritize tasks as they come in and documenting notes as the repair progresses will be required. Having good communication skills in person, over the phone, and through email will also be required. This can be a fun but extremely fast paced profession. Dealing with ambiguity on an everyday basis is common. Giving our customers education with the proper techniques on how to use the item or items in question will be another very important requirement. You will be looked upon as a technical consultant or as “the professional” in your role. The customer will be looking up to you to help make the decision for them. You must be ethical, helpful, and respectful. You will be trusted with many things like customer data, cash handling, credit card numbers. On occasion, there may be times that we may come in to contact with material that may not be suitable for others. We must remember that we are being trusted with the customer’s property, and we must never violate that trust. You must be able to demonstrate extreme patience when doing this job. Often you will come to find out that most of our client base are mainly seniors which need our help for even some of the smallest tasks. General good housekeeping skills must also be met; we do not condone in or encourage slobs. You will be expected to clean up your general work area as your day progresses. A lot will be expected out of you and working here for a smaller company like ours is a great way to get your foot in the door for many great things to come. Over the past couple years, Bit Tek Solutions has more than doubled its workload from word of Mouth, SEO, and other marketing mediums. Now is a great time to climb on board and become a part of something special.

Additional Requirements:

  • You must have a very flexible schedule.
  • You will be called in sometimes on a very short notice but we do try to give as much notice as possible.
  • Self-motivated and able to work, and stay busy with little to no supervision.
  • Customer Service Experience with a technical background is highly sought after.
  • You must also demonstrate the desire to learn new things, and achieve goals.
  • You will be required to meet and or exceed a certain sales goal each and every day.
  • You must not be shy and must have an outgoing personality.


  • 619 Beville Road, South Daytona, Florida 32119

Compensation & Benefits:

Salary is $9.50 hourly if you have no prior experience. With experience the job does offer more but is is DOE (Depending on experience). We do offer commission with certain services that you sell.

Paid Training, Paid 15 minute breaks, off on Sunday’s and major holidays. Employee discount. Uniform is provided. All the free coffee you can drink. Mileage reimbursement, Extremely fun and fast paced working environment. Advancement opportunities. Family owned and operated business.

How to apply: All interested candidates must complete the below form. If you do have a resume, please forward it to email address