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Learn how you can install and bypass Windows 11 System Requirements, all for Free, or we can do it for a nominal fee. Click here to learn more. Call or text us: (386) 246-8846

Computer Repair

Why buy new when you don’t have to?

There are many different ways to breathe new life in to a computer. Computer manufactuers try to sell us upgrades at nearly three times the cost that this same upgrade would be, if we were to just buy this upgrade outright. As time goes buy, we forget about upgrading our systems, and get caught up in the glamour of buying things new. By the time you are ready to chuck your old computer in the trash, give upgrading a second look. An iMac that took 2 minutes and 30 seconds to boot up, was upgraded to a solid state drive, which now takes only 25 seconds to boot up. This is faster than most brand new, non-upgraded computers. So before you get rid of that old computer, contact Bit Tek Solutions for a free consultation about your options. Besides, it is good for the environmnt keeping one less computer out of the landfill. 

Apple Computer Repair Services

Find out how much it costs to repair your Mac, see some of our work, or learn how the repair process works.

MacBook Pro Repair

Two of the most common repairs of the MacBook Pro are replacing the screen, or replacing the motherboard. These are also the most expensive repairs too. We shop around to find you the best deal, whether it be new, refurbished, or used. 

MacBook Repair

Screen damage is becoming more of a common problem with all Macbooks. Because of how delicate the screen is, coupled with being lugged around in a bag, it doesnt take much for your MacBook screen to become damaged, even from the outside. Simply placing a book on top of the MacBook, can easily crack the screen otherwise known as a internal pressure crack.

MacBook Air Repair

The MacBook Air is one of the thinnest, most lightweight laptops in existence for its screen size. These batteries, when brand new, are known greatly to last about 10 hours, with normal usage, in a normal setting. As time progresses, it is common for the battery to degrade, setting the lifesawn, with normal usage, to be about 3-4 years. All batteries in all MacBooks can be replaced, and it is important to deal with a reputable supplier, when dealing with your safety, and the prolonged lifespan of your MacBook. 

Laptop Repair

We work on every laptop, and every desktop. Laptops are generally what we tend to see more of, and some of the more common repairs that we do see, are cracked or broken screens, the charge port pin may have broken off, a virus or malware removal may be needed, a bad hard drive has prompted for a hard drive replacement, or an upgrade to a SSD (solid state drive) is quite common. If your computer doesn’t have at least 4GB or more of computer memory, then regardless if you are on PC or a Mac, we highly recommend upgrading to at least 8GB as soon as possible. 

GPU Repair

GPU Graphics Card Repair

Graphics cards prices are on the rise due to a chip shortage across the continents, worldwide. A graphics card that may have cost $100 in the past, now could cost $400 or even more. Don’t waste your money on buying a new graphics card if yours is no longer functioning. Most graphics cards can be repaired without needing to replace the entire card, and in most instances, the card can be repaired for under $100. Contact us today to see if your graphics card can be repaired, and for an estimated cost. 

iMac Repair

The iMac is no stranger at displaying signs of extreme heat. While the all in one slim design looks stunning, this stunning design means less room for air flow, then when you add in the dust that accumulates inside, if you do not blown out frequently, you are almost begging for a component inside to overheat. 

iMac Pro Repair

With the iMac Pro, being super thin, you must bring this about every 6 months to a well qualified repairs shop such as Bit Tek Solutions for a maitenance check-up, and internal cleaning. During the check-up we will test all your core component parts inside your iMac Pro, and we will do a software check, which will involve looking for viruses, malware, spyware, or other malicious files that might not belong. There is a long standing myth thay Mac’s are immune to viruses. This couldnt be futher from the truth, Mac’s can get viruses, so it is extremley important that you are using some kind of protection.

Mac Pro Repair

The Mac Pro is considered to be the Rolls-Royce of all other Macs. The hardware, both inside and out are by far, superior, when comparing to other high end counterparts on the PC side of things. With having such a higher end computer, it is extremley important that we keep your Mac Pro, both clean on the inside, as well on the outside. All the holes serve their purpose, keeping your Mac Pro not only cool, but extremley power effecient, and super quite. No other non Apple system can achieve this, at least not without the likes of being water cooled, or other non fan based cooling methods.

Mac Studio

Mac Studio Repair

The Mac Studio is one of the most advanced revisions, but also one of the most powerful lineup of the mini Mac computers. Apple employs a modular design principle with its Mac Studio which runs on Apple’s own proprietary M1 Max, and M1 Ultra silicon, also known as the processor. As a base model starting at almost 2K, this is not a computer for the beginner. A very large amount of memory starting at 32 gigabytes, this computer will be able to run practically anything you throw at it, including some of the most intensive tasks like video editing, or running 3D graphic intensive applications. Can you upgrade the Mac Studio? In short, the answer is no, but over time, we will wait to see what developments are in the pipeline from 3rd party providers.

Mac Mini Repair

The Mac Mini is one of the most affordable cost options if you are looking for an entry level Mac specific computer. The Mac Mini may not have all the powerhouse options like the iMac Pro, or the full sized Mac Pro, but don’t let that fool you. The Mac Mini packs one heck of a punch underneath the hood, which makes it an acceptable contender, in the entry-level user department. But even the mid to advanced level Mac user, they would be extremely satisfied with the results the Mac Mini pushes out, just make sure to keep the air flow clear, by keeping the interior of this machine free from things like dust or dirt.

MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iMac, iMac Pro, Mac Studio, and Mac Pro, are registered trademarks of Apple, Inc. Bit Tek Solutions is an independent service company which is NOT affiliated with Apple Inc. If your Apple device is still within warranty, we recommend that you find the nearest Apple Store. At this time, there are no Apple Direct or Apple Authorized Service Centers within Daytona Beach, however, Bit Tek Solutions would be more then happy to assist you for a nominal fee.