MacBook Pro Screen Delamination How to fix?

Also known as Staingate, this affected the Retina Screen of the MacBook Pro 2015, 2016, 2017, and some 2018 models.

MacBook Pro Delamination Fix

You have multiple options when it comes to repairing this problem. There are many rumors out, for what works, and what doesn’t. We can however say with certainty, that you can do any of the below jobs yourself.


Call Apple

1. Apple never officially published public documentation for this issue, however Apple uses a thing called an internal process doc, which an employee is supposed to follow when a customer calls in about an issue like this. Sometimes Apple may not publish a process doc at all, and in these scenarios, it is usually in the customers benefit to push for a fix. Some of the more senior or tenured Apple Advisors may handle each one of these on a case by case basis. The best thing you can do is document your call, write down any case number you were given by the Apple representative you spoke to. Persistence usually will pays off. Ask Apple to replace your screen, or ask for a replacement computer. These screens never should have failed like this. If you get no where with Apple, then try some of the other methods listed here.

Replace Your Screen

2. Replacing your screen is another option, albeit a more expensive option. Screens can cost North of $350, which is not a inexpensive fix, but it is a fix that will work, if you feel confident in replacing the screen on your own. Our suggestion is to order the entire assembly, metal and all. If you are not sure if you can handle this repair yourself, it is best to leave it up to the pros. We would be more than happy to assist you with your repair options. Contact us now for a FREE no obligation quote.

Need help? Let us remove the lamination for you.

Remove The Delamination

3. This is the most inexpensive solution for removing the lamination over the screen, and if you put in the time and elbow grease, this option might be ideal for you. After trying multiple methods of cleaners ensuring not to damage the screen further, we have found that using baby wipes is the best method. Yes, baby wipes, we are not kidding. You can pick these up at any Dollar Store near you. Be advised, you may not be able to get up all the lamination, however we have been successfull each and every time removing about 97% or more of the lamination. We will however forwarn you, this requires a lot of elbow grease. Just think of Mr. Miyagi from The Karate Kid movie, “Wax on, wax off Daniel son”. Before you start, we always recommend finding a small inconspicuous corner to test this, before you go all in. We suggest an unscented brand like these Huggies baby wipes that can be ordered here on Amazon: Baby Wipes

Leave It For The Pros

4. We have been successful with removing at least 97% or more of the laminate from all screens. How much will something like this cost? Prices start from $100. Removing the laminate can be a time consuming process but we guarantee your screen will look much better then it does with the patches of laminate it currently has. We recommend bringing your MacBook in for a free evaluation today.