Business Tech Support in Daytona Beach, Florida

Business Tech Support Services for Small and Medium Sized Businesses. You are great at what you do, now let us really make you and your business shine.

Managed IT Services

There is no cookie cutter business model to follow, this is what makes your business unique and stand out from the crowd. We look at IT as a people serving people, and act as an extension of your team following your processes and procedures.

  • Self Managed: This is perfect if you feel you can manage your own IT challenges, we provide monitoring of any desktop hardware, anti-virus, anti-malware, and internet surf protection. Prices start at $35.00 a month per desktop. We provide discounted block hours for when you need the extra help, or a simple path to scale up.
  • Co-Managed: This is for those businesses that already have an IT department or person, but have the need to help manage your IT infrastructure, everything is white labeled, so all your staff won’t even know you have contracted any additional help.
  • Fully Managed: This is for the businesses that may not have an IT department, around the clock monitoring, anti-virus, anti-malware cybersecurity, threat intrusion prevention, backups, printer support, iPad support, iPhone support, Android Support, tablet support, help desk support, remote support, PC desktop support, Apple desktop support, employee IT onboarding, remote employee setup and migration. This service is billed per employee starting at $180 monthly.
  • Ala-carte: Not every business has the same needs. Looking for   something not listed, reach out to us at (386) 872-7852 so we can discuss your needs.
Computer Monitoring

Prevention is the best medicine to help keep costs low. Think about how much money your business could lose by being down a couple hours, or how about a couple days? Can your company afford not to have some kind of prevention keeping this from happening? Keep tabs on all your computers no matter what day or time it is. Anti-virus and anti-malware support comes standard with all monitoring services.

Proactive IT Support

Hackers, viruses, malware, and other versions of malicious software can infiltrate your network at any time. Imagine you are finishing up a major project for the day, and only have a few small finishing touches to finalize the project. The next day you come in, and your computers will not boot up. Whats worse, is if you find out that all your data has gone missing. Viruses, malware, and other malicious files can hide out in the background, disguising itself as a legitimate resource, until one day the malicious files decides to strike when you least expect it. Shouldn’t you have a backup plan if this were to happen? By being proactive with your IT support, you are ensuring maximum uptime by preventing any of this from happening, but in the unlikely event this did happen, you will be ready with Bit Tek Solutions there to help.

Help Desk Support

Help desk is at the heart of most things technical your company will need help with. From managing password reset requests, email issues, unable to login to the network, relocating employees access within your network, and everything else in between, you can rest assured that Bit Tek Solutions will fix the problem is a timely manner.

Remote Support

Being able to solve crucial problems no matter where you are in the world, no matter what time it is, without having to step one foot away from your desk, is why remote support is one more arsenal in Bit Tek Solution’s toolbox. As long as an internet connection is present, we can jump on your computer, tablet, or phone, remotely. 

Computer Backups

Virtually all computer and technology experts will tell you that any backup is better than none at all. Nevertheless, not all backup devices and technologies are the same; nor do they all offer the same levels of protection. 

Would you know what backup works best for your business? Would it surprise you if I said that even data backups can be thwarted by hackers using ransomware? Bakups are supposed to protect agains ransomware, but when ransomware is built to target, and look for critical backup infastructures, what else can you do? That is where Bit Tek Solutions would do an assesment of the technology your business is currently using. 

Disaster Recovery

A disaster recovery plan is your step-by-step guide for getting your business and operations systems back up and running quickly after a major outage caused by a natural disaster, cyberattack, fire, or technical failure. 

Can you calculate how much money your business could lose in just one day? How quickly would your business recover? Having a disaster recovery plan can have your company back up and running that same very day, in some instances within the hour.

Apple Support Services

Bit Tek Solutions has been working on both Apple and PC computer since 1995. The founder worked for Apple and Dell, so we have intimate knowledge in this industry. 

PC Support Services

Bit Tek Solutions has been working on both Apple and PC computer since 1995. The founder worked for Apple and Dell, so we have intimate knowledge in this industry. 

We can help you manage all of your electronic devices and keep tabs on them while distributed to any employee. Our business tech support services can manage PC Computers, Apple Computers, Android phones and tablets, the iPhone, iPad, printers, VoIP phones, PBX systems, and servers.

Is your company spending money on business tech support services that fall short of your expectations? Maybe your business tech support team needs a little extra help, or maybe your company needs to outsource your entire tech support team? We have you covered either way if you are a small (1-49 employees) to medium (50-499 employees) sized business.

Business tech support in Daytona Beach

In recent years, many high-profile data breach cases have made headlines. Companies like Yahoo!, Uber, and Target faced security threats that exposed possibly millions of Americans’ private information like usernames, passwords, and credit card numbers. As hackers and cybercriminals develop new ways to access sensitive systems and information, even the largest companies in the world must stay vigilant about security vulnerabilities. Information security analysts, or cybersecurity specialists, are more in demand than ever before. In 2015, a small Sherrifs office in Lincoln paid a small sum of money not once, but twice to get their data back, otherwise known as ransomware. More recently, a hacker in February increased the chemical levels at a water treatment plant in central Florida in an alleged attempt to poison local residents. Earlier this month, a cyber gang took over the computer systems of one of the nation’s largest underground fuel pathways. Colonial Pipeline, which owns the pathway, reportedly paid the hackers a $5 million ransom to stop the hijacking. So as you can see, protecting your companies assets have never been more important then now. 

VoIP Services

Are you paying Spectrum or AT&T for your VoIP services? If you are, you may be paying too much. We bill $20 each month for UNLIMITED incoming calls, and outgoing calls are billed at .025¢ per minute. 

IT Onboarding

Finding time to add new employees, especially if your company hires in bulk, or has a high turnover rate, this can take the entire day. Each new employee will need credentials, email, network access, specialized software access like Salesforce, HubSpot, Zoho, Microsoft Dynamics, and more. We can remotely setup all your new employee’s, create new employee credentials, limit or restrict critical access, or work with most frameworks your company is already is using.

Onsite Support

Sometimes technical problems require us to visit your place of business. So that means we come to you. We also offer a pickup, and delivery service for when certain repairs may require a controlled environment. Some of the packages we sell offer this included standard. We however offer this as a stand alone service too. 

Business tech support in Daytona Beach

Business Tech Support

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We are your Information Technology Support Company, IT Support for Small and Medium size Business, also known as a MSP (Managed Service Provider). What is a Managed Service Provider you might ask? Think of outsourcing all, or part of your IT support team, but tech is what we eat, sleep, and breathe. It is our passion to help your business succeed.

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